Information about liposarcoma, a type of soft tissue sarcoma

Soft tissue sarcoma (STS) is a type of cancer that starts in the soft tissues of the body, including the fat, muscle, nerves, blood vessels, and tissues around the joints. More than 50 different types of STS have been identified. Each of these types is named after the kind of soft tissue cell in which the tumor forms. Some of the most common are gastrointestinal stromal tumors (which form in the gastrointestinal tract, usually in the stomach or small intestine), liposarcoma (which forms in the fat cells), and leiomyosarcoma (which forms in the smooth muscles).

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Although STS is relatively uncommon, there are organizations dedicated to supporting you. These organizations can connect you to people going through similar experiences who may be able to provide guidance and support for you.

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Information is also available for your family and friends as they support you through your diagnosis and treatment.

More about the disease

Liposarcoma, also known as adipocytic sarcoma, can occur in the fat cells of any part of the body, but most liposarcoma tumors occur in the thigh, knee, or abdomen.

Depending on the disease stage, liposarcoma can sometimes be treated with surgery. Liposarcoma that cannot be treated with surgery alone or that has spread to other parts of the body is called advanced liposarcoma. Disease that has spread to other parts of the body is still considered liposarcoma because the type of cancer cell remains the same.

Types of liposarcoma

There are different types of liposarcoma. These types are based on how the cancer cells appear under the microscope. They include dedifferentiated, myxoid/round cell, and pleomorphic. Disease characteristics and treatment options vary between the different types of liposarcoma. It is important to speak to your doctor about what treatment options are available based on your type of disease.

Although advanced liposarcoma may not be treatable with surgery, there are still treatment options available. HALAVEN is a treatment option approved to treat certain patients with advanced liposarcoma