How effective is HALAVEN® in the treatment of advanced liposarcoma?

When used alone after a certain type of anticancer treatment, HALAVEN is the first and only chemotherapy that is proven to help some patients with advanced liposarcoma live longer.

HALAVEN was compared to dacarbazine, another chemotherapy commonly used to treat advanced liposarcoma. Among the 143 patients with advanced liposarcoma in the trial, some patients lived longer and some did not live as long. Patients with advanced liposarcoma who were treated with HALAVEN lived an average of 15.6 months compared with patients treated with the other chemotherapy, who lived an average of 8.4 months.

This means that patients who received HALAVEN lived 86% longer than patients who received the other chemotherapy.

HALAVEN was studied in patients with 3 types of advanced liposarcoma intermediate to high tumor grade. This included patients with dedifferentiated, myxoid/round cell, and pleomorphic liposarcoma.

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